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As with all Guerilla Labs products our ELITE-AMINO BCAAs will set the standard for Amino Acid products! Expect only the BEST & most effective formulas.


Reload & Recover with ELITE-AMINO!

What's Inside

BCAAs, Glutamine, Citrulline, B-vitamins, Vitamins C & D, & electrolytes make this an absolutely incredible endurance & recovery product. Mixes flawless, & tastes great! 

Perfect for before / during / after exercise or activity!

Branched Chain Amino Acids are important amino acids for exercise and recovery as they work directly within the muscle to regulate protein synthesis. BCAAs may also increase nitrogen retention and can be used as an energy source to fuel intense activity. ELITE-AMINO provides several benefits since BCAAs can be used to build protein or can be broken down in muscles to supply a source of energy. BCAAs may increase muscle nitrogen retention for a variety of metabolic functions, which can be important during resistance training. Taken before, during or after exercise or activity, ELITE-AMINO can give you a head-start on recovering so you can continue to perform at full potential.


• Anti- Catabolism / Muscle Sparing**


• Quick Absorption / Mixes Easy**


• Recovery from Training Sessions**


• Caffeine / Stimulant free**


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